Saturday, April 01, 2006

April Folly

I am so over deadlines. I think I'm going to do something crazy and frivolous. After I finish Sissy's laptop bag, I am going to work on something different every day of the month. I have about a dozen projects on the go, and I need to do a number of ornaments for Christmas presents. So how's that for extravagance? It's the opposite of the focused stitching I did in February. Go, me!

April 1, or not, this is no joke!


KarenV said...

Go for it!! I think that's a fabulous idea. I'm in that kind of mood at the minute as well - must be Spring LOL!

amy! said...

I did that once upon a time. And I found it somewhat tedious in the end. Sure, I was working on a different project every day, so always something new. But it took so long to actually get anywhere on any of them, and it usually took a little time to get re-situated with each one.

Monsoon said...

Anna, go over to, and check out her new masthead (subversive cross stitch rules!)