Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Oh, Are the Olympics Over?

Sorry I didn't post a picture of this sooner. I can assure you I haven't put any stitches in since the Closing Ceremonies.

The only thing of a "personal" nature that has been stitched since my last report is the flag next to the sand castle. I have done my best to make it look like the flag from the state of NH.

For easy reference, I've also added the picture taken at the start of the Olympics below. I don't think I podiumed. (Was anyone else as annoyed as the dude was with that verb? It's not just me, it runs in the family!)

What did I learn as a one-at-a-time stitcher?
I learned that I could take "big" projects on public transportation. But that's about it, I'm afraid. I didn't stitch at all on Saturday or Sunday; I believe my enthusiasm began to wane with such focus on only one project. And this morning, I got out the ornaments I was working on before this experiment.


Lee said...

Great progress!
Hey Anna, did you notice that there is no "M" in this sampler?? It's making me nervous.

I may have to chart one.


Lelia said...

One-at-a-time is a boring concept. Yet, it would reduce the number of WIPs I've accumulated over the past five years : )

Deadlines are helpful for me to get motivated for finishing up a project. Enjoy your ornament stitching. Always nice to get a smaller project completed.

jo said...

Good job on the NH flag! *clapping*