Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Design on a Dime (or Two)

Thanks Lelia for the link to Von who had just bought Jo Packham's Where Women Create. I went to Amazon to check it out and they had paired that book with the even more delicious Organizing Your Craft Space. I'll have it Friday.

Still, that doesn't give me much time to act on the fabulous offer from Home Decorators. This table is on sale and it's large enough and tall enough. Unfortunately, the top is grooved--not so good for stamping. I could get around that by having a piece of glass cut, but do I get it cut for the table with or without the leaf? Am I getting ahead of myself? Neither is this table white enough. I just don't know how I'm going to like the "terra cotta." I could always paint it. I mean, I'm getting a table for 1/5 of the price of the PB project table (you have to include the outlandish shipping). Of course, the matching bar stools are $200 each. I guess I'll work standing up for a while! (Okay, I probably don't want this to be all matchy-matchy.) I think it may be time to bring the dude in on these negotiations.

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Sarra said...

That shipping is bizarrely high if you look at some of the other items on the website. Perhaps a typo? Or maybe they figured out that's the one item you were going to like.

The table is very attractive. I do wish the large photo was a little more, I don't know, focused on the details of the piece.