Thursday, February 09, 2006

Olympic Heroes

If I were cleverer, I'd make a little button for our little stitching group that begins its Herculean efforts tomorrow. Yes, some totally undisciplined stitchers, okay, this totally undisciplined stitcher and two other perfectly behaved stitchers, are going to work on one dreaded project for 16 days. I know, you're thinking, how do I sign up? No need. Just pick up that UFO and get to work. You know you want to. You'll win a finished, or near-finished, project. All I can offer is a palm branch and some red ribbons. But you can leave a comment to tell us you're playing. And go to Melissa's blog to give her some support. She has got to get this Fairy Grandmother done!

For the record, I'm putting my efforts into Souvenir Sampler because it's a gift that needs to be framed in March.


Melissa said...

You are not alone, count me in as undisciplined. If I were anything resembling disciplined I'd have finished this old hag 5 yrs ago! Thanks for the support, I'm going to so need it.

Lee said...

I'm in...In fact, I'm going to work on Souvenir Sampler, too. I started it as a StitchAlong last spring and then I fizzled out. I'm only up to "F". I love it - so I don't know why I keep putting it away.

And if I don't finish it, it may become my March Madness project!

Cheryl in DC said...

Yeah! It's time for Olympic stitching again. Since moving to DC 6.5 years ago, the Olympics have meant projects done. This year, I'll be working on a wedding sampler for my brother and his fiancee; they're getting married in August. I've adapted the Woodland Garden pattern from the Victoria Sampler.

If I finish, I'll work on the project I have going for me, Little House Needleworks' Pinetop Lodge. I just have the trees and snow in the top row and the leaves in the border to go.

Lelia said...

Aha. Such a good idea. This disorganized stitching hero is going to just try to STITCH every day during the Olympics. LOL : )