Monday, February 06, 2006

End, Middle, Beginning and a Miscue

I finished Fancy Work's ornament from the JCS 2004 Ornament Issue on Friday night. So I have completed January's Christmas ornaments. Sorry, no photos today. Saturday was so dark and rainy that I couldn't take a photo. On Sunday, I was busting my hump to get our bedroom in order before the Stuporbowl. The curtains are up (and the neighbors can stop worrying about the effects of my bare ass on their baby). The floor is clear of boxes and piles of paper, these having been moved into the craft room for temporary storage. With the addition of toe-molding (next weekend's home improvement project), our bedroom will be a real retreat.

I worked on Souvenir Sampler while we watched 40 Year Old Virgin. Only 4 more days until I work exclusively on Souvenir as part of the Olympic Stitching. I may have completed this project before the end of the Olympics; this is stitching up so fast.

I kitted up Prairie Schooler's 1992 Santa, the one carrying a lobster in his basket. I don't want it to be larger than 3 1/8x 4 1/8 which is what it measures on 18 count fabric. But I couldn't find any 36 count linen, so I am doing it over one on 28 count. I don't like it, I may have to look harder for 36 count.

Don't ask me how I managed it, but I missed the Super Bowl sales at both Silver Needle and Strawberry Sampler. I meant to get online as soon as I got to my cousin's house for the Super Bowl, so I could buy the tin pin for 25% off and start wearing Mary Mack. But I was waylayed by my own queso dip. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, queso dip.


Lee said...

I'm curious - what did you think of 40 y.o. Virgin?

Anna van Schurman said...

Hmmm. What did I think of the 40 year old virgin? I'm not sure I thought much at all while watching it. It was pretty funny. About Dodgeball funny, maybe as funny as Anchorman. A pale comparison to Old School. You know, for the frat-boy-funny genre. I thought the old Pakistani guy who kept with the dirty patter was pretty funny. But my sister told me what a "rusty trombone" was, and that was Not Funny.

Sexual politics...because it is ultimately all about sexual politics...just about everyone ends up on the vigin's side. You know, find true love. "Pussy on a pedastal," so to speak. Actually that phrase from the movie is pretty good: both degrading and respectful at the same time.

Well, really, women are beside the point in these movies, aren't they?

The geek wins. Clearly written by a couple of geeks.