Tuesday, January 24, 2006

How to redesign a storebought sweater?

Trinny and Susannah say I shouldn't wear turtlenecks. And I believe them. I like my neck a lot better when there's a plunging neckline below it.

Of course, I have two fantastic cashmere turtlenecks. How can I change their shape? Can one sew a knit item? Neither are handknit, both are ultrafine gauge. I don't even want to own needles small enough to "reknit" the sweater necks. If I just cut off--and serge, or something to prevent ravelling--the necks, the sweater will look like it's had its turtle cut off, if you see my point. One is a delightful, thick, aran-like sweater. I need need need to keep this because it's so soft and cuddly. I just wish it didn't make my chins look like they were breeding. To say nothing of the too-large breasts that run into my too-short waist.

I don't want to donate these to a cause. I want to wear them and look smashing. Help!


Old Yankee Stitcher said...

My advice concerning the sweaters. Go to a thrift shop and buy a used turtle neck sweater with a similar gauge as a test project. Give it your best shot and if it works move on to your two starting with your least favorite and working up to the one you love. CJ

Isabelle said...

CJ's advice is good. To finish the edge, how about putting some narrow bias binding? Satin binding, for instance. It's done on some store-bought sweaters.

Thank you for your email, BTW! Loved reading your opinion on Pride & Prejudice. I guess I'll never know unless I see the movie... But I am so attached to the novel and its subtleties, I'm afraid I might start puking in the theater if it gets maudlin. :o