Wednesday, November 30, 2005

November Wrap-up

We are getting to that desperate time of year when all I can see is what I have not done. Appropriate, then, that I should continue to mark my progress. We shouldn't spend all of our time focused on the negative. So, here it is, the positive:

* finish Sissy's poncho
finished 11/23
* work on Dude's sweater
began collecting needles...
* start a laptop bag for Sissy

started 11/12; I've finished the front and started the back. When I work on it, it goes very quickly...
* make Christmas cards (about 100)
I have ideas, but I'd better get my ass in gear because my time is about to become severely limited.
* make stamped stationery for mom, 2 grandmas, aunt, and cousin

aunt's stationery, complete 11/13
gramma's stationery, complete 11/13
cousin's stationery, complete 11/19
grandmother's stationery, complete
Mom's stationery, complete 11/30
* buy house
We close on December 8!

I also finished La-D-Da "A-Z and In Between" and Forget-Me-Knots in Stitches "Pins and Needles" scissor rest; I'm nearly there on the needlebook. I knit a scarf for a family friend who left hers in a cab whilst she was visiting Philadelphia. I should mail that to her. I also whipped up a scarf out of peacock boa to match my chocolate brown trenchcoat, and then, of course, the weather warmed. Not bad, all in all.


Barbara said...

You are going to MAKE 100 Christmas cards? Holy smokes, I feel like I'm doing great when I manage to write a personal note in the 60 or so we send out. I can't imagine making them too!

Cheryl in DC said...

Anna - when you get inspired about the cards, let us know. I have all the stuff to make my 100, but can't find the enthusiasm to make them. I include a standard letter in mine rather than writing an extensive personal note (which I haven't written yet either). Thanks.