Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Clearing it up.

We don't spend a lot of time in American schools going over different grammatical rules. The only people who know what the subjunctive is, for example, are those who studied French (possibly any romance language). You almost never hear people use it correctly, "If I were you..." If, hypothetical, yields "I were" construction, rather than I was. Yes?

"Would" can act as a conditional verb. So when I said you "would stitch them" in the quiz, I meant that you should like it enough to stitch it, you would choose to stitch it, not that you were signing up for some kind of work program. It was meant to prevent people from picking random, ugly patterns simply because they had good titles. That's what I was getting at. How on earth do you think I could hold you to stitching these things? I'm might be the grammar police, but I'm not the stitching police. So, go, be free!

And if you're having a really hard time finding answers, try using Hoffman Distributing's keyword search.


Jenna said...

ROFLOL. Great post, Anna, and thanks for the clarification! I also posted an addendum to my blog. :)

Juul said...

Hi Anna,


Bye, Juul. :o))))))))!!!!!

Barbara said...

You be a funny lady. LOL Were I to stitch all my beloved patterns, I would need to borrow from my children's lifetimes - if they were willing to lend me the years.