Saturday, October 29, 2005

This is what we've been waiting for...

Marcia Brown-Smith, the maven of finishing and owner of The Binding Stitch, is teaching two classes in finishing at Celebration of Needlework. Why did we rush into signing up for Tulsa? Wait a second, Celebration runs May 4th-May 7th, and I'm going to be in NH April 30 for my parents' anniversary party. Should I take a week off from work to do finishing classes?

On further examination, the classes don't offer all I need, but The Binding Stitch is planning to release a finishing book this year. Judging from the price of her finishing videos and dvds, this ain't gonna be cheap. But it will be professional.

Should I just break down and learn how to use my sewing machine? It's the ultimate finishing dilemma.

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