Thursday, October 13, 2005

Round Robins

These adorable santas returned to me a few weeks ago from my Just Cross Stitch Ornament RR. Debbie, Kate, and Michelle did a fantabulous job on these Heartstrings designs from old JCS ornament issues. They're going to look great on my santa tree. Now I need to stitch the other Heartstring Santas (I think there are 4 more). Maybe next year.

The other round robins are coming home unfinished. The group had lots of problems, and although they were trying to get their acts together, I wasn't holding my breath. I thought better my projects should be home with me. Of course, now I have more projects to add to my WIP list. I was really hoping to cut it down finally... yeah, right.

One will come home nearly complete, another about half done, and the third will have had one (!) person stitch on it. These all got stuck in the same black hole. That's what was so frustrating about this group. A handful of people who thought they were honoring their commitments so long as they didn't "steal" the piece. To hell with schedules: "Life gets in the way." Well, yeah life gets in the way if you sign up for more pieces than you can physically stitch in six weeks. Hell, we all want to stitch many more things than we do or can--look at the crazy things we do to organize and maintain our piles of stash.

Now that I think about it, perhaps I should have waited until everything was safe at home before posting this.

Caveat emptor.

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