Friday, October 21, 2005

The Birthday Party Continues

So I got all this dosh for my birthday. I had to spend it
  • this book to help improve my finishing technique. This better be worth it!
  • the "Trim the Tree" set from Stampin' Up. For the Christmas card. Watch this space for details.
  • some cards from California Paper Goods.
  • some workout videos from Collage Video so that I won't have such a big bum.

    I was also given several sets of stamps from Stampin' Up: Do the Hula, Tidy Alphabet, Sparkling Summer, and another one that I've forgotten the name of. The shame of it is, between this volunteer training I have tomorrow, and house hunting on Sunday, I won't even get to fondle this stuff, let alone use it. Why was I in such a rush to get a job?

    Juul said...

    Hi Anna,
    That finishingbook is also on my wishlist, how about a review?
    If you have time to share with us? ;o)
    bye Juul.

    Anna van Schurman said...

    Will do once I get it!