Monday, September 26, 2005

Shopping Gives Me Stitchy Fingers

Saturday, I came home and couldn't wait to stitch! This weekend, I finished the baby sampler and put in two hours on Toy Gatherer, and that's after we drove around Phillie looking for an affordable place to live that was also liveable.

I think I'm so excited because I got some really cool stuff that I need to get working on!

  • Bleu de Chine, Coussin Carres Fleuris

  • Dimples Designs Mini Ladybugs I

  • La D Da, Love Birds

  • Long Dog, Piggy in the Middle

  • Nutmeg Company, Weekend Cottages: Autumn in Stratford on Avon

  • Simply Old Fashioned, Twinkling of Willows

  • Simply Old Fashioned, Ever So Little Chimps
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