Thursday, September 08, 2005

SBQ: Which Way

Which way do you stitch (/// and then \\\ or \\\ and then ///)? Can you (or if you haven’t done it before, do you think you could) change the way that you stitch temporarily if it is asked of you? I stitch /// then \\\. I can and have changed the way I stitch. I know I wrote about this because I had to stitch "backwards" for a round robin. No one it our group has been snotty about it. As we all know, this isn't fuckin' brain surgery--that is, it's not that hard to do cross-stitch. I am on of the most directionally challenged people going--I have to turn the map to face in the direction we are moving in order to read it--and even I can stitch \\\ then ///. You just start from the other side; that is, where /\ people stitch left to right, you just stitch right to left, then it feels natural to stitch "backwards."

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