Thursday, September 01, 2005

SBQ: Hold On

What do you use to hold your fabric while you stitch? A hoop, a Q-Snap, a scroll frame, something else, or do you stitch in hand? Have you always used just the one thing or have you tried one or more of the others? Which do you like best? Why? I am a dedicated in-hand stitcher. I love to feel the fabric I am working on. I also use the sewing method for some stitching, so it's imperative that I hold the project in hand. Sometimes the project is too large or there is just too much fabric--like on the afghan--and I need to use something to hold the fabric. In this case, I use a q-snap. I got turned on to q-snaps by my mother, the quilter. I like them better than hoops, because hoops are too small and leave imprints that necessitate washing the fabric. I'm not much for washing fabric (see below). I'm not a fan of the scroll frame either because it leaves things too loose (and that's the word I mean). They also require too much work up front just to get the project on the bars. I'd spend more time putting projects on and taking them off, since I'm a whimsical stitcher who can't stick with one project for too long.

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