Sunday, September 18, 2005

EGA Marketplace

I’ve always been intrigued by the EGA marketplace, a list in Needle Arts magazine of items that different chapters have for sale as fundraisers. For example, the Madison Area Chapter is selling “Stitcher’s Choice”:

This sampler’s vertical bands and borders form and interesting but subtle background of texture for the diamond shapes and whatever else you choose to put in them. Band techniques include pulled thread, darning patterns, and blackwork. Instructions include diagonal compensation techniques for incorporating the diamond patterns. Choices of center motifs are charted I additional techniques. With easy adjustments, this piece can be a wall hanging, a pillow top, a sewing case, evening bag, table runner, or any other item of choice.

And that’s one of the better descriptions. Why don’t they just ask you to put ten dollars in an envelope and send it to them? How do they sell any of these? I’m still left with the question, what does it look like?

I checked not only the EGA website (a good place to post a picture) but also the chapter website (perhaps the perfect place to post a picture). Nothing.

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