Thursday, August 04, 2005

SBQ: Dyeing to Know

Have you hand-dyed your own fabric? Why? I have overdyed my fabric with tea, but I've never used color. I like the subtle look of tea-dyed fabric. (Oh don't get on me about how it won't last forever because of the acids. In the real world, nothing needs to last forever.) I also like the less subtle look of bleached linen (like Terrence Nolan of Dimples Designs sometimes uses). I'm less keen on the garish hand dyed fabrics out there. The reason so many patterns call for white or unbleached linen is that you want the background to fade away, not demand to be attended to. I have done some things on colored fabric, don't get me wrong. I love the wedding sampler my best pal made for me, and it's on a dark green fabric. But with the mottling that appears on the hand-dyeds, the deep tones, and the stitching, it's just too much. I am a huge fan of Simple Scrapbooks. I like my stitching similarly simple, though not simplistic.

Sorry I haven't posted the pictures I promised. I schlepped all my crap to Wegman's yesterday where I learned the reason the (free) wireless internet access is so haphazard is that they have the wrong router for the job. Of course, yesterday was one of those days that the router didn't do its job. It's over 100 with the heat index, and I'd just rather stay in the air conditioned house and conduct my job search--and blogging--with the dialup.

I have also planned a trip to Kinko's to download my photos from the zip disk (don't you love how technology lasts for two minutes?) to the stick. Then I'll be able to put the pictures that I once had on a website seemlessly into the blog. It will be all color all the time.

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