Thursday, August 18, 2005

Out of the Doldrums

I'm stitching! And I have learned that the thing that gets me out of a slump is shopping! I went to Strawberry Sampler, which I'm still lukewarm about, to buy a birthday present for a stitching friend. (But while I was there, I discovered a bead shop right around the corner. At least I felt like the trip to Chadds Ford wasn't wasted.) I got my friend Evergreen Topiary from Knotted Tree. Of course, while I was there, I couldn't help shopping for myself. I was going to buy the fibers to stitch Anna's Bird, but I only found two of the several colors needed. I did buy La D Da's A-Z and Between. I could hardly buy any of the floss for this one either. And they didn't carry the Silk n Colors I needed for my friend.

So I just had to go to Fireside Stitchery. Fireside is much closer than Strawberry Sampler, but it's a needlepoint store. The best thing about needlepoint stores, since I don't needlepoint, is that they carry every fiber. And it is literally ten minutes from the house. What a resource! I bought the Silk n Colors (desert moss) for my friend, and all the floss for Anna's Bird, A-Z, and Blackbird Designs Moon Garden.

How, you may ask, did this take me out of my stitching slump? I started Moon Garden. I love it. It's so beautiful. I know I have to get the last JCS Ornament RR finished in 5 days. So I gave myself permission to stitch Moon Garden until Saturday, when I have to return to the ornament. The thing I hate about this ornament is that some of it is stitched on the diagonal. And I'm a bear of very little brain...

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