Thursday, July 28, 2005

The Rain in Maine Stays Mainly in the Marsh

I'm back up in Maine again. After a harrowing time at the airport... Unlike millions of Americans, I didn't watch t.v. yesterday. Had I, I would have known flights were delayed all across the country. In my defense, Orbitz usually calls me to tell me that the plane I'm on has been delayed. But we went for the no-frill price of $39 each way, and Southwest figures you can call them for travel advisories, thankyouverymuch.

Our flight was supposed to be at 9:25 pm. I got on a train in Exton at 5:47. I was a little nervous when we stopped just shy of 30th St Station, where I would meet the dude and we'd get the train to the airport. I only had eight minutes to make the transfer. We got there with time to spare, but... Well, to make a long story short, at 7:35 we were still waiting for the 7:04 train to the airport. Even the dude agreed we needed a cab. We got there in 10 minutes, plenty of time to make the flight. Except our plane had just left Los Angeles. Yup, we were five hours late. And when we got to NH (2:00 am instead of 10:30 pm) we still had an hour to go to get to Maine. We fell into bed at four.

I couldn't sleep past eight--even with the silk sleep mask in the guest room...Too much sun. I can't do anything today except flip idly through magazines.

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