Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Pins and Needles

On Monday night, I took out Lauren Sauer's Pins and Needles. And I finished the scissor fob in no time at all. I took this as a class ages ago--1995?6? I finished the pin cushion, which is in storage, but never completed the other pieces. Last night, I started the scissor rest, which is the same pattern as the fob but with 44 eyelets instead of 4.

Okay, this is weird. About 30 Asian kids just came in the door (they've stopped there too, blocking traffic into the store). It's especially strange because Downingtown is not known for its ethnic diversity. Which is why I have to get a job--so we can move to the city. Okay, they've just all walked back out too, quick as they came. Maybe it was wishful thinking.

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