Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Getting Closer

I realized, while I was sitting in my car waiting for Fireside Stitchery to open, that I am getting close to finishing my ufos. Okay, close in my estimation. Including a couple of new projects--Anne, Petite Bergere and Vous et nul autre--I have only ten ufos. Some of which are very small. So I've decided that as I finish two, I get to start one. When I finish APB and the Camp Wannasew necessary, I can start the Sampler Company's Floral Sampler. When I finish Toy Gatherer and Pins and Needles (from a class I took with Lauren Sauer many moons ago), I can start the Apple Sampler designed by Curtis Boehringer for the old Sampler Magazine. When I finish Vous et Nul Autre and Elizabethan Rose (from a class I took with Rae Iverson), I can start the Shaker Box scissor holder from Fancy Work. I could go on, but I should probably not get too far ahead of myself. There is major work, for instance, to be done on Toy Gatherer as I haven't even finished the cross-stitches let alone the beading and adding other embellishments. It's good to know where you're going. I wish the rest of my life were this under control...

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