Tuesday, April 05, 2005

Taking the Unity out of Community

How come e-mail messages get so horribly misconstrued? There was a big debate in the rr group over how we should rectify the fact that so many people are behind and holding things up. I said that it seemed to me that the main problem was a few people were in too many--and signing up like round robins were going out of style--and the next thing I know, the woman I send to quit. Now, my problem is that I haven't received rrs to work on. Doesn't it follow that f I were directing my comments at anyone it would be the people who preceded rather than those who ensued? And she was as petulant as a thirteen year old (in one woman's words) in her response. In the end, she cut her rrs way back and rejoined, so the upshot is good. I only wish more people would follow her laudable example.

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