Thursday, April 21, 2005

Sit on It and Rotate

Apparently, today, I'm showing my age...

You know I hate to read through misspellings, typos, and poorly-worded writing. I have revealed my pedantic leanings here before. But is it really terrible that I don't like to read the blogs of people whose stitching choices I can't respect? Am I the only one who looks at people's stitching and thinks, "Boy did she waste some serious time on that. It's hideous!"? I know that The Knitting Curmudgeon hates people who knit washcloths, and really, she does have a point, but do you tiny-needled women have these passionate dislikes? I hate cutesy teddy bears, dragons, and I'm not even keen on the "real" animal thing, "Sara" notwithstanding.

And for the rotate part:
I haven't posted a list of stitching goals since December. It's sort of pathetic. I raved about my stitching success in 2004 which I attributed to creating just such a list every month. No wonder I'm still trying to find time to work on sissy's poncho, the *ahem* Christmas present! Even though there are only a few days left in April, I'm cracking down. May I present to you, my list of stitching goals:
  1. complete Ornament 4 RR
  2. complete Heart in Hand Wee Ones RR
  3. Sissy's poncho, ten hours (because every ten hours I have to unravel a skein or so)
  4. Williamsburg Doorway, ten hours, which should just about do it on that one.

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