Saturday, April 02, 2005

I like it.

I like this new designer, Midsummer Night. I like this for my mom's beach house, and this one for the dude. C'mon, it's got monkeys.

I have finally realized why I enjoy blogging more than being on lists and other organized online groups: it's the people. First, there's the inability of people to distinguish your from you're. There's a very entertaining book to help you with this: Eats Shoots and Leaves. But my friend KL put it into words for me the other day: "do these people ever have a thought they don't share?" Now, I'm pretty sure you've thought that about what I've written sometimes. But you choose to read the blog. When I'm subscribed to a listserve, how can I possibly tell the important posts from the drivel? I've got to read it. I'm also driven insane by people who don't decide what to quote when they post: the ones who just keep all the previous messages attached so that their "me too" posts, or the "please care, my husband's dead" posts are pages and pages and pages long. Don't even get me started on the nitwits who are on digest and include whole digests in their responses. Can we go back to 1994? Or the days when AOL was an intranet? (Or was that Compuserve?) Oh yes, I'm feeling smug today.

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