Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Progress Report

I calmed myself this long weekend through crafting. I finished my Prairie Schooler Round Robin. I am using Two by Two II for this one, and I stitched the baboons. We are thinking of them as monkeys, since we use that as a pet name. I am also two pattern repeats (about an hour) from being done with the first side of sissy's poncho. Then I have to load up the needles and do the whole thing again, block, seam, and knit a neckhole. I'm getting closer...

It's amazing how much shite a person can accumulate in 7 years in one place. I have the craziest stuff to put in my yard sale. Aileen's Collage Glue (4 bottles), 5 paper mache heart ornaments, unopened bottles of paint (I can't think of the last time I painted!), a collection of the out of print "Hand Crafts" (or Hand Made or something like that), the previously mentioned collection of the Aussie magazine "Cross-stitch and Embroidery," about 15 cross-stitch kits I'll never do or are duplicates, embroidery hoops, compressed sponges, and jewelry findings, from the time I made those little wine glass markers (and spent about 3x what they sell them for in the store, d'oh!).

The good news is I have started offloading some of my collections on e-bay and I'm already up $90.

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