Wednesday, January 26, 2005

amy! rocks!

So, you know, amy! came over to look through my magazines. She said that they were so nice (I told you that they felt good!) that someone "out there" must want them. She thought I should put them on e-bay. So I checked and sure enough a lot of both Handcraft Illustrated and single issues of Australian Embroidery and Cross-stitch were there. So I said to myself, if I am willing to ship single copies of books for $4, how much will it take for me to go to the post office to mail these? I decided on a $10 reserve. Less than 24-hours later--and over 3 days before the end of the auction--the reserves have all been met! I'm already up $50. One woman even wrote to ask if, since she lives in L.A., she could come over and pick them up, to save on shipping. Man, I hope she wins.

Last night I worked on the Bent Creek Flower Arch Angel (See Friday, Oct 29) while we watched the tennis (Davenport v Molik). It's starting to look like something, so I'll take a picture tonight in between sorting the crap in the study and getting the ebay crap ready to ship tomorrow. The movers think we are doing the right thing getting rid of most of the crap, so that's some positive feedback on our strategy. More positive reinforcement: we got a $150 check for some of the books that the used book sellers took off our hands. This thing is really happening, and it's really happening fast! Sorry I haven't been able to keep up with things around here. It's only going to get worse...

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