Thursday, December 16, 2004

Behind Again

For a brief and shining moment, I was caught up in my rrs. And then last night, I got locked out of the apartment. This was not entirely my fault. A couple of weeks ago, our landlord changed our locks. The building inspectors have decided to inspect all of Los Angeles's apartments, and we got inspected a couple of weeks ago. J. had to change the locks because we had those deadbolts that require a key on both sides, the big fire hazards. The dude has always complained about this, but when J. explained everything became quite clear. Our landlord personifies the California slacker: he drawls, "maaaaaaan." He sounds like he's still high from all the dope he smoked in the 70s, and he's an idiot. Here is J's explanation of the dead bolts: if someone breaks in the window to steal our stuff, they can't go out the door--they have to go back out the window. And that stops them, how? At any rate, the cleaning woman couldn't get in without the new key so I gave her mine. The dude and I commute together, so I didn't even think twice about not having a key. Then last night, the lads played squash. This always involves a meal out and perhaps a few rounds at the pub.

I realized I had no key when I was halfway home.

I decided that an In n' Out burger must be eaten. Then I called one of the lad's wives who gave me the number of the restaurant they always go to (no mobile phones in the bunch). No one was answering so I decided to see if I could find a stamp at Michael's or Joann's for my Christmas cards (a sort of specific snowman stamp). They didn't have it. Then on the radio they were talking about the big sale at Robinsons-May, who were open until midnight. Even though I have finished the Christmas shopping, I needed some cold weather clothes. I finished shopping at 10:42 and got home at 11:00. The dude arrived ten minutes later, just as I had finished flipping through the new JCS and EGA Newsletter that were sitting on the mat.

And that's how come I didn't finish the ornament rr on time. Too dog ate my homework?

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