Friday, October 29, 2004

What Have I Done?

At the beginning of this month, I set out to finish and send the baby blanket, finish the birth band sampler, make a small wedding sampler for 10/25, work on my sister's poncho, start the Wee Ones round robin, and start my Freebie round robin. I did manage to finish and send the baby blanket, the wedding sampler and work on my sister's poncho. Instead of starting either of the round robins, I started the Sisters and Best Friends round robin (pictured below), which mails Monday. The Wee Ones rr is on hold, so this weekend I should be able to get to the Freebie rr which mails 11/23. I should be able to finish that before the witching hour.

Since Christmas is bearing down on us, my to do list for November is very focused. Of course, now I also have to stay on top of my round robins. Yikes!

For November:
birth band sampler, 10 hours
Freebie rr
sissy's poncho
auntie's afghan, 10 hours
auntie's booga bag, complete
auntie 2's shawl
granny's scarf

You can see there is lots of knitting. I'm going to have to go to the L.A. Stitch n' Bitch come hell or highwater! KL and JL--I am committed!

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