Friday, September 10, 2004

The Rules

So you know I've been complaining about the situation in my office (no a/c for a month now). It's been so fucking hot in L.A. that one of the bosses decided we shouldn't come to work until they fix it. That's real nice, but you know, work does have to get done. For example, the academic advisor really is supposed to be available each day during the drop/add period. I'm not in charge of this, however. I can care all I want about the rules, but I can't make anyone follow them. (Am I the only one who pays attention to the rules any more?) At any rate, I think her goal is to use our absence as leverage for getting the system fixed. Too bad she can't swing this sort of thought for the really important issues. (She's no brain trust, Ph.D. notwithstanding.) So yesterday I dutifully stayed home. Of course, there's no a/c there either--well, not where there is also a t.v. It was an internal struggle: tv or a/c. The tv won out. I started Another Martini with the flosses that I had on hand. I also finished as much as I could. I need the GAST I ordered to continue my work. I'm hoping they'll come tonight. I also felted the Sophie and Booga bags. I had to wash the Sophie three times and the Booga four. The strap could have used a 5th washing but I wasn't going to waste water for a 6 foot strap. The Sophie is fucking adorable. It is so beautiful. I'll have to take a picture. It makes me all the more happy that I snuck a skein of Cascade 8834 for myself! The bag took no time at all and it looks amazing!

And speaking of not giving a fuck about the rules:

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