Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Girly Girls and the Sports They Love

Okay, so some people believe it's a fundamental contradiction: I do cross-stitch while I'm watching football. And when there's no football on, I watch poker. I know there are at least 4 women in my rr group who are football nuts. I know loyal reader Sara is a baseball fan. Kunni loves poker. I'd put up a poll to see if we're the only ones, but I reckon we're not and I know jack about polls. We're women, we cross-stitch, and we love sports.

So why can't sports commentators move into the 21st century? I mean, how fucking annoying is Norm Chad? And Peter Gammons. I'll never forget him saying that the Mark McGwire brought women to baseball because he was a good father. Well, when you offer us rapists and wife beaters as sports celebrities, I'll take "good father." But seriously, couldn't we just root for the game because we love it? But I digress...back to Chad. How annoying was his commentary on the WSOP? Joking about his ex-wives, bantering about the ruthlessness and inscrutability of women, and my favorite, "first women got the vote and now they want to play poker?" (That quote's not precise, and I'll be indebted to the person who can correct it.)

Stand up and be counted. Cross-stitch your anti-sexism message to ESPN today!

All this yadda yadda, of course, results from Annie Duke's win at the WSOP Tournament of Champions. I loved loved loved it when she told Phil Helmuth she thought her nines were good, and that she didn't know what she was doing. In the end, though, wouldn't it be better if we didn't have "the girly girl" stereotype to hide behind? Oh, sure it comes in handy for manipulating men who think we don't do math...and it can be profitable: to the tune of $2 million...but the elimination of sexist stereotypes would benefit more of us, and that would be priceless.

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