Friday, September 03, 2004

Don't Bore Me

I hate meetings. I know I am not unique. Someone must like them though, because we're all always having the fuckers. So today was the department "retreat." Since we met on campus, I don't know whence we retreated. Sure as hell wasn't an advance. Since I'm flying to Denver tonight, I had my stitching bag all packed up and ready. I decided--what the hell--let's take the bamboo needles to the meeting. WOW! Meetings are so much better when I knit. Partly due to the relaxation knitting in the round produces, for sure, but partly because I don't have to engage in all the petty position jockeying and turf protection. (This meeting was also better because my friend the adjunct who got jacked by the administration was totally supported by the faculty. Of course, we know how much power they have.) Several people approached me after the meeting because of the knitting (all positive). One professor was upset she forgot her dead mother's "threads" that she is passing on to me. Two more wanted to know if the Booga Bag was a hat (they admitted the person would have to have a big head). And the Lazy-Ass Megalomaniacal Professor wanted to know if I wanted to do a guest lecture about the women who kill thing. Fat Chance, but for him...None At All.

And last night, a prize arrived in the mail from Subversive Cross-stitch. Came in an envelop that claimed that "Smart Women Vote." Yes, they do, but the smartest women think about who's best for women's rights when they make their choices.

See you Tuesday. Happy Stitching!

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