Friday, August 20, 2004

Happy Anniversary!

I started this blog on August 21, 2003, one year ago tomorrow. (I'd blog the one year mark, but my home computer sucks.) When I started it, there were a lot of knitting bloggers and almost no stitching bloggers who I could find despite searches of livejournal, asking my blogging friends, and google searches. Happily, there are many more stitching bloggers out there. I love most of them, no matter how much I complain about spelling, grammar, or indeed, what they say.

So I've been reading the 153 posts I've made since last August. I have to say that I'm a little more interested in the ones that deal with the idea of stitching than the ones that deal with what I've stitched. I wish I had more to say about the former rather than filling up space with the latter. Several readers have told me that seeing stitching progress is helpful, too, and I try to take comfort from that. It's also heartening to see goals achieved and be reminded of trips I have taken. It's very disheartening to see how much I have complained about this job. I have honestly done lots to change my situation but not nearly enough apparently... I am--once again--in the middle of the shit storm surrounded by lunatics and idiots.

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