Friday, June 25, 2004


I said, "I have too many projects on the go." I started concentrating on finishing things up. After having completed about 7, I got bored and wanted to start a new project. Thinking I would hear what I wanted to hear, I asked the Dude how many he thought I should have in my WIP pile before I started a new one. He said, "zero." I said, "no way!" He said, "well that's how many I think you should have." I said, "give me another number." And he came up with five. It's not like he is going to divorce me if I don't start finishing what I start. He knew about this when he married me. (That's what we always say to complaints about habits, "you knew that when you married me.") In fact, I think I'm going to sneak into the other room and start a new project, in celebration of his marrying me!

I'm going to scour the html to figure out how to get the comments feature above the break line.

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