Wednesday, May 05, 2004

What I'm Up To

That afghan is the only project left on my list of things to do for May. But I haven't been stitching it. I don't feel like I'm being bad, though, because I am working on things in that towering UFO pile. I've worked a bit on the patriotic acorn from the Silver Needle weekend--which I am changing to look like a firecracker and giving to my grandmother who loves red, white and blue for her June 5th birthday. (Red, white, and blue acorn? What is up with that?) Last night, I picked up the Professor Fizzby Freebee. It was impossible to tell up from down so I puzzled over it for a while. I worked my way out to the edge to the border which I am flying through. I think I am going to allow myself to work on the small projects on my rotation schedule for a while. I'll be going to Marina del Rey to housesit for three weeks starting May 10 and between the cool ocean breezes and the central air conditioning, I should find it easier to work on the afghan while I'm there. I'll get back to that soon enough. For now, I'll be ahead of the game if I can keep to this mantra: "no new starts."