Thursday, May 13, 2004

The Six Week Mark

This is the sixth week since I left my stitching stuff on the plane. It wasn't at home sitting in the mailbox prettily when I checked yesterday. It's really gone. I hope it ended up in the trash because I would hate for it to be with a stitcher that is so unethical she didn't turn it in to lost and found. (Or is that too much like wanting the baby cut in half?)

I can replace everything. I've made a start on it. I am bummed about the do-lolly though; it was one of the originals. I've found that there is something different about how they feel in the hand. I'll need to get a project bag and a new magnet. I'll have to talk to the Dude, though, about redoing the sampler I was making for him. I'm not sure I can bring myself to do it. (If you've lost a project, how have you dealt with its replacement?) It was so close to done, but it was perfect for him in its way... amy!, you can go ahead and send that Clover cutter you offered.

Speaking of Clover cutters, did anyone else see that paranoid article about how to take your stitching on the plane by Martha Beth Lewis in the most recent JCS? I mean, really! She suggests taking only one small, tapestry needle, and preparing oneself to give it up, if called upon to do so. She tells us that Clover cutters are not permitted under Homeland Security regulations. How many times have I taken mine cross country? amy!--how many times have you--and flying out of Boston!? How far are we from 9/11 that the regulation of needlework still concerns us? And, ladies, she warns against metal knitting needles of unusual size--just one pair! (I'm not much of a knitter, so I do have some metals, and I have brought on more than one set.) In the summer of 2002, I brought scissors through the security checkpoint in London Heathrow. It was an accident, and I didn't use them on the plane, but no one even noticed the tiny stork scissors (because I could have taken down an airbus with those). As usual, her article goes on and on in miniscule detail about a subject that has ceased to concern the majority of is. But it is anal in its accuracy, so it must be good.

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