Saturday, April 03, 2004

High Anxiety

I hate to fly. It's not being on the plane or crashing that bothers me. It's more along the lines of separation anxiety. I usually carry three things with me so that I can always be counting my three things (am I starting to sound OCD?). Well, yesterday I had two: backpack and purse. I had my stitching supplies and the afghan in my backpack. I took those two things out of the backpack (which had a few other things in it) and put the bag up in the overhead. I happily stitched the whole way across the country despite all the turbulance. Strong headwinds and the turbulance meant that we were half an hour late. I put the afghan back in the back pack grabbed my two things and bolted for my next plane which was boarding in another terminal. It wasn't until after takeoff that I realized I had left my stitching supplies behind. Gone: (original) doolally, clover cutter, ruler, packages and packages of needles, the floss and patterns for the hydrangea square, and "Man of Sense" that I was working on for DH. I'm sick. I reported it when I arrived at MHT but I am not hopeful. Just sick.