Monday, February 23, 2004

Afghan Report

I have nearly completed the narcissus. All of the stitching is done, and I've begun some backstitching contrary to my earlier vow not to backstitch. There was so much white, it looked like a giant cloud on green shoots, so I put in a very little bit of backstitching. I have begun the Sweet Pea. No new pictures, unfortunately. I got a new computer at work today, and nearly all of the programs I used for creating web pages--Dreamweaver and the Kodak picture software--are on the old computer and need to be loaded on the new. It's a very frustrating transition. I've been here for five years and this is my third new computer. I'm not bragging--the first two computers were hopelessly outdated when they finally arrived. With any luck this one will last me. But back to the afghan...

I've received some DMCFT--thanks to the kind blog readers. What a wonderful interconnected world we have (okay, it is for me because I am white and middle class living in a first-world country, but I digress). I think I'll still require some DMCFT 2319, if you've got it. I am trading one gently used pattern from a rather lengthy list for the flower thread. Or money. That will work, but I know stitchers like prizes.

Since we're on the afghan report, I think I should update you on the dog, just in case you were worrying about her health. She's doing better and all reports of her imminent demise have been greatly exaggerated. Science shows she's got none of the horrible diseases for which the vet tested. But my mother isn't going to do the invite-everyone-she-knows-to-a-party thing. She wants to save money for the new summer house. But she does want my sister and me to be there for the big day. Even that, though, is up in the air because of some doings in my father's business. My mother is very changeable. She reacts very strongly to even small problems (I'll admit the two that I've reported aren't so small); I've never realized this before. Still, she deserves the afghan for getting old! :)

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