Tuesday, January 20, 2004

Long weekends

I thought I would get a lot of work done over the long weekend, and I did, just not in the area I expected. The extra room--the one I hope to turn into a craft room someday--was a real pit. Nothing like the one we had at my parents' house growing up. Still a few episodes of Mission: Organization and Clean Sweep have led me to believe that most Americans have a room like this. It was uninhabitable, a storage dump for books, papers, craft supplies and stuff that needed to be stored (like the giant roasting pan I only use at Thanksgiving). It's almost there! There is definitely a place for everything, and as soon as we can get rid of a couple of spare computers and I can get my husband to recycle his dissertation research--and I part with some general craft magazines and the Aussie Embroidery and Cross-Stitch (or should I work harder to find a spot for them?)--we're done. Unfortunately, this means I only did a few hours on the afghan. I was usually too tired to manage it. We also watched a foreign film, and I had to watch too closely to stitch. I did get to Michael's, and I picked up a skein of pearl cotton so that I could finish the Wooly Zipper by Bent Creek. It's done. 19 more to go! I'm still on jury duty and I did a little work on the Hearts and Flowers sampler for DH while hanging out in the jury room. But that won't last (we hear closing arguments tomorrow).

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