Friday, January 30, 2004

Dying dog -> no party.

I liked how that Patrick Lose snap peas fabric looked so much, I ordered it for the Ewe and Eye scissors companion. I'll have the scissor fob to bring with me to Tulsa in (yipes) 5.5 weeks. I've got to pay the balance soon. I'm also seriously considering taking a whole week off --I'll be at Camp for 4 days and then I'll come home and stitch for 3 before going back to work. All on my own, just a tv for company. I could get lots done on the afghan. My mother is much less sure about the party these days. Her beloved yellow lab has Cushing's Disease. She claims that she is currently unable to think about the party. Now, how weird is this: two of her friends died in the space of 6 months which was the impetus for the party. Dead friends -> party. Dying dog -> no party. (It's not like the dog will die tomorrow, not for about two years.) Should I just put the afghan in the rotation and keep it for myself, or should I just keep plugging away and give it to her party or no party? It's a little too twee for me and too much work to give it to anyone else.

I've had news recently that results in this dire warning: when you have to name a baby, think about it. For a long time.

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