Monday, November 24, 2003

Stitch stitch stitch

I am happy to report that I did very well this weekend stitching my little fingers to the bone on the afghan. I did all I anticipated in Friday's message and more (all but two leaves and one flower). I'm sure this square will be done by Thursday. . . if I decide to fly with it. I'm not sure about this. It's big, the project bag is big. Stitching with the afghan flowing on to my own dirty floor is one thing, but onto the floor of a nasty airplane? And I don't think I'll get that much stitching done when we're at my cousin's for Thanksgiving: she has adorable girls that must be showered with feminist enthusiasm and auntly love. (My aunt and mother are always saying the girls will be models--tall and lovely and photogenic--so I always try to remind them that they can play basketball or volleyball and be doctors or other well-educated types. What can I say? It's my calling.) OTOH, I can envision lots of reasons that I may end up completely bored in airports. I'll see how the packing goes.

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