Friday, October 17, 2003

This is where I want to be

As I'd hoped, I have begun backstitching the gladiolus, and will definitely finish this square tonight, on schedule. I will then begin--oh gosh, I haven't kitted the floss, so I don't even know what the next flower is. Whatever it is, it will need to be finished by November 7th.

I will also, happily, send off presents to my mil, fil, sil&bil this weekend. I think bil, sil and the boys' gifts will have to wait until the end of the month. This is still months earlier than we mailed their gifts last year (um, February?). I have to finish two little boy hats and decorate sweatshirts. Last year's appliqued santa sweatshirt was a big hit with Geo, so I've got to make another one. I hope to also send Best Man's baby's present that weekend. Chiara was born in May and I think I completed her Wee Baby sampler in June. Unfortunately, I forgot it was Sampler Threads and handwashed it. It ran claret all over the design. I had to soak it for about a week to get most of the color out. Because this happened in Los Angeles in the summer, it was impossible to keep the water cold, so while we were off at work, the whole shebang went into the frigo. I still have to mount it into the box I bought ages ago. But I am traumatized by the whole incident. Stupid stitching. (Always best to put the blame where it lies, with the inanimate object.)

One of my dear friends from high school just had a (first) baby. This is rather late in life (I just turned 37). I feel the urge to knit something. But I have too much on my plate right now with the English gifts and the afghan. But it wouldn't take that long to knit a little baby hat. Oh, I should, shouldn't I? Okay, you talked me into it. (Talking me out of it is strongly encouraged.)

I also had a chance to look at some of Long Dog's pieces--can't remember where I read about them, but somewhere out there. I'm sending you to the Wyndham Needleworks site to look at them because 1) if you're American, you can buy them there and 2) I think the images are better. I'm loving "Piggy in the Middle" and "Day and Night." If the Dude manages to get his film made, I'll also have to do "Time and Tide Wait for No Man." That's a big IF. I should stop with the "stuff" lust too, because I have enough to do. After I finish this afghan, I want to get some of my UFOs (about 20) completed--or at least have a manageable pile of 3-4 projects going. Then I can think about Long Dog.