Wednesday, October 15, 2003

SEX and the single girl

Two packages arrived at my door yesterday. An order from the Stitchery--who provide so many of the Sandy Cozzolino santas that I do--and from Amazon. I don't know how I managed it, well, I know precisely how I managed, but I got two Santa kits from the Stitchery and one is one that I just received from the Needle Arts catalog. D'oh. I'm going to have to make a checklist of those kits so that I can keep track. The problem is that I've missed a few that I've wanted to get in the past and now I am obsessed with collecting them all. And because our apartment has no storage, there are some under the bed, some next to my stitching chair and some in the "craft closet." Perhaps I have plenty of storage space, and should simply have less stuff. But am I that ready to be unAmerican?

I also got the knitting book "Monkeysuits" by Sharon Turner. The stuff is incredibly adorable and not baby-ish; in fact it's downright stylish. I'm in love with the cover design "Tweedy Pie;" I also am quite fond of "Jacky-Oh," "Puppy Love," "Swedish pancakes," "Snow Suit" [because I too have an un-requited desire to own a muff that stems from childhood], "Fall Colors," "Checkered Past," and "Boxed Set." Some of the stuff looks like it was designed by Mary Engelbreit, but at the same time the Dude approved of the stuff and asked why people didn't make such attractive designs for adults. I envision a future of much knitting for my neices and nephews.

I did more on the afghan last night. But this is the area where some of the flowers run into each other and it's not easy to say how much I have done or have left to do. I'll let you know when I start the backstitching--I'm hoping for Thursday.