Monday, October 06, 2003

Progress Report

I so enjoy looking at everyone's progress on their projects that I might upgrade so I can post pictures too. I got a lot done this weekend on the gladiolus-freesia. All of the leaves and stalks are complete. And I have even begun backstitching. No, I wasn't bad; I just decided that if I wasn't so bored that I had to start stitching the flowers, I should get some backstitching done while I had the energy, instead of leaving it all to the end like on Gallica. I also made four cards with my sister-the-stamper. That took up most of Sunday evening, but I'm very pleased with the work I've done.

I have confined my knitting to the commute to and from work. It seems that I will be done my bil's scarf well before the mid-October mailing deadline. This leaves me with the two small hats and my fil's scarf. He hasn't told me what color his winter coat is, so I may opt out and go buy him something instead. The little boys' hats should take me just an afternoon. And on Friday, it looks like we'll be driving to Vegas so that ought to give me plenty of time!

I can't believe I may make all my deadlines this month!

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