Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Have needle, will travel

So you're tired of sitting around at home, alone, stitching. Perhaps occasionally venturing out to your LNS to see what others are working on. Well, there are places to go, baby, go and work with others

Celebration of Needlework
April 28-May 2; Nashua, NH
MB and I did this some time ago when it was in Manchester, closer to the airport. They have good teachers and a respectable marketplace. Of course, I'm originally from NH so room and some board were free since we stayed with the 'rents, but you can do NH on the cheap, at least compared to the big cities. When we went, we took a needleroll class with Merry Cox (From Merry's Heart); an ornament Round Robin (three teachers: Sue Stokes, Betsy Stinner, and C.A.Wells). Well, that's all I remember but I have the feeling I took another class. This could be the one where I went brain dead learning coral knots. Here are the teacher bios.

Camp Wannasew
March 11, 12, 13, 14 2004; April 1, 2, 3, 4 2004; October 14, 15, 16, 17 2004; and November 11, 12, 13, 14 2004; outside Tulsa, OK.
The closest store to Camp Christian, where these stitching weekends are held, is a giant Walmart several miles away. But, you're here for the stitching! The camp is rustic, and was designed for kids. It's six to a room unless you've been attending forever. The food's hearty-country-plain with lots of butter, except the night you go to the Amish farm and then it's scrumptious, although the state of Oklahoma requires that you cook the shit out of green beans. The Silverneedle is a terrific store, so you'll relish your chance to shop there before and after the weekend--of course, they bring lots of stuff you can't live without, so you can shop while you are trapped in EBF. Bring your own lighting. Bathrooms are dorm style. In fact, it's a lot like you went to college for needlework. They have three projects, including one that is in the style of their "Secret Needle Night" projects--lots of interesting fluffy fibers. We also learned a finishing technique while we were there. Go with friends and bring earplugs. Leave your modesty at the door.

I haven't been to these, but that doesn't stop me from having an opinion.
Creative Sewing and Needlework Festival
April 16, 17, 18; Toronto
HUGE! All sorts of crafts, not so many needlework projects.

Island Embroidery Holidays
several weekends in March and April; Island of Arran, Scotland
"Specialising in crewel work covering also Hardanger, Blackwork, Pulled and Drawnthread, more recently Raised Embroidery and Stumpwork"
424 pounds for the weekend. It's in Scotland in the spring. You'll want to stay indoors and stitch.

Rockome Gardens National Counted Cross-stitch Show
June 4-13; Arcola, IL
Eileen Bennett, Meg Shinall, Linda Driskoll & Linn Skinner taught last year. Class fees seem reasonable; unfortunately it's in the middle of nowhere, so there's an hour-long drive from the "closest" airports. Two weeks! And lots of prize money to be won if you're a good stitcher.

A Stitchers Retreat
May 12-14; New Harmony, Indiana
Bright Needle, Twisted Threads, Charland Designs
Oct 1-3; West Chester, Ohio
same teachers
MB and I are thinking about going to Indiana next spring, so I'll let you know. But I am a huge fan of BrightNeedle. Twisted Threads has some good stuff, but Ruth Sparrow has a unique way of stitching that she likes everyone to try. Whether you like it or not.

Stitcher's Hideaway
"Bringing the Designers to You!"
They have several events each year, with teachers who I respect: Sue Stokes of Nutmeg Needle and Betsy Stinner of Earth Threads.

Drawn Thread Weekend
May; Elegant Stitch, Modesto, CA
There is only one project offered for the weekend, but you'll get a lot done on it! Modesto is a little, well, crappy, but Elegant Stitch is like a jewel. It's a fabulous store. Do you like Drawn Thread designs?

Mrs. Neate's Stitcher's Retreat
September weekends; Barkerville, BC
$250 Canadian
Held in an old mining town in, get this, the Caraboo Mountains. It's a drive from Vancouver, but not many people get to experience life as it was. The place seems a bit hokey--a living history experiment. There's not that much info online, so if you've been, tell us about it!

A Cabbagerose Needlework Weekend
First weekend in May; SAINT CROIX
Saint Croix is my favorite USVI and ranks up there on the Caribbean list (I've been to almost every Caribbean Island.) She's lined up some terrific teachers--how hard can it be when you invite them to Saint Croix? C.A. Wells, whose designs are incredibly unique and not available except through instruction; Lauren Sauer of Forget-Me-Nots in Stitches; and others. They're sending me a brochure in October, so I'll update you then.

A Stitchers' Gathering [no web presence at this time]
October; Hilton Head, SC; $595
Rae Iverson teaches 4 unpublished designs. Rae Iverson, of Moss Creek designs, is a fabulous teacher. She's smart too. How bad can Hilton Head be in October?

EGA National Seminar
October 19-25; Ryebrook, NY
Know a reason you should go? Write to me, and explain the EGA.

Anyone know of others?

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