Wednesday, January 31, 2018

January in the Books

In January, I set out to work on the following pieces.
  1. Nunavut Santa--got pretty far along
  2. Lapland Santa--a modicum of success followed by an unfortunate amputation, which has been scheduled
  3. Four Fat Friends--no
  4. Elizabethan Rose--no
  5. Deruta Biscornu--no
  6. Special K's Ornament--no
  7. Sweet Baby Ray's Ornament--started (to the left)
I seem to have fizzled after a strong start.

Books may be the reason. The dude and I signed up for Book Riot's Read Harder Challenge this year. There are 25 categories of books to read to get you out of your reading comfort zone. I haven't gotten that far out of it yet. I've completed #3 a classic of genre fiction, Death at the Vicarage (Miss Marple) and #12 celebrity memoir, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah. I'm working on 1493: Uncovering the New World Columbus Created for #14, a book of social science. But it does take some time away from the needle and floss!

In February, I hope to figure out a way to balance the reading and stitching. Since Valentine's Day is coming up, I plan to stitch some anniversary pieces:
  1. Forty-seven Hearts
  2. Our Souls
  3. To Thee My Heart
  4. 2018 Anniversary Sampler 


CalamityJr said...

“Read” audio books while you stitch!

Robin in Virginia said...

I think you made good progress with your January list especially since you were tackling a reading challenge. I look forward to seeing pictures of your chosen anniversary pieces to work on along with the unveiling of the 2018 design. Enjoy your weekend!

Julie said...

Good luck with your Feb plans. Sometimes at the end of the day only a quiet moment with a good book is all you need.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I like Calamity Jr's idea of listening to audio books!

If you need a recommendation for a particular category, let me know.

Eleanor Olipant is Completely Fine is our shop choice this year, we all loved it!

Beth said...

I try to balance reading and stitching, but sometimes one overwhelms the other.