Sunday, November 26, 2017

Best Laid Plans

Didn't I just get over a cold? I am sitting here wrapped in a throw, freezing cold, with a sore throat, burning eyes, and achy muscles. This is not really what I pictured for today. (Or this week, really. With any luck, sleep will be a magic cure all.)

I've been surfing Pinterest, and I came up with a few free Christmas cross stitch projects. I have only chosen pictures of designs (not charts) that link back to the blog or website of the original designer, and none at all from Russian websites...or the many that I recognize as being someone's chart for sale.

First up, perfect for my mid-century modern home. (Okay the only thing that is midcentury about my house is the Mamie pink bathroom.) This French lady is from (RIP) Gazette94. This one is a cutie too: Bonhomme de Neige,
I'll admit I've only seen Home Alone the one time. This one is much more for you than for me, but Jessica at Cutesy Crafts gives you the whole tutorial on finishing projects this way. If you have a filthy animal in your life, go here for the pattern.

This owl comes from Holly's Hobbies. This freebie was designed for her Facebook fans. And we're lucky she shared it with us, especially those of us who graduated from Rice, Temple, Florida Atlantic, Brandeis, Kennesaw State, William Woods, or Bryn Mawr. (And I've just now learned that my sister and I have the same mascot at our respective alma maters.) (I bet she doesn't even know.)

I love the simplicity of Luli's designs. Find it here. And while you are there, explore because she has some fantastic designs! Especially this white deer head silhouette. And unlike other designers I searched for, she's already got a new Santa up on her blog.
And one for all you lovers out there. From Posy Collection (you will have to scroll down, I didn't want to link to the chart directly).

Okay, off to bed; hoping Hypnos can work some healing magic.


Beth said...

Sorry to hear you have a rebound cold - I think I have a rebound cough that might turn into something ugly. Thanks for all the free chart links. I'll be saving a couple of the deer for sure.

Robin in Virginia said...

I am hoping you got in some good sleep and the cold has subsided during the night. Thank you for sharing the pictures and the links to the complimentary designs.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I've been ill once this season. Not doing that again.

Love the deer freebie and the sweet alphabet too. Thank you for your integrity too. I was trying to find a specific free chart today and Pinterest was driving me mad dominating the Google seaches.

lewmew said...

I needed an ornament for our stitching group exchange and I am going to do the vintage one - thanks!!

Daffycat said...

Awww, feel better, Nikki! Those are all great charts for Christmas!