Monday, January 02, 2017

Happy New Year!

I did not expect to be away for so long! Christmas preparations took so much more time than I expected--and that's with dropping projects all along the way! My father decided he wasn't able to travel this Christmas, so the dude and I went to him. (My mother came up to spend Christmas eve with us.) On Christmas day we all flew to Florida. Over the next couple of days we went to Spanish Point, the Dali Museum, the Italian Market, and shopping--I was visiting my mother after all. Once we were back home, I had to read, read, read to make progress toward my Goodreads Challenge. I tried to read 20 books, but only did 18--which I'm quite happy about since I was only at 11 at the beginning of December.

With the loss of Picasa, I can't make the fabulous collages I've made the past couple of years. Google Photos limits you to nine pics. Here, we have almost all the smalls from this year (No small in September or October). I do have one more to share from December, but I am one strand of Tropical Ocean from being done. 

Most of the finishes
Sadie's Stocking
Light House
Hawaiian Santa
Winter Row
French Country Owl
Ties that Bind
Greenland Santa
Mary's Stocking
Wisteria Snowman
Love Bird

I finished 19 pieces (including the nine smalls) when last year I finished 12 pieces (seven smalls). My goals were to "stick to the rotation and see where I get." Some months I was able to stick to the rotation better than others but I think I did well!

For 2017, I'm going to stick with the rotation again, and sign up for the Smalls SAL. Maybe this year I can get even closer to 12 smalls for the year.

  1. St Nick's Noel
  2. Christian's Stocking
  3. Our Souls
  4. Forty Seven Hearts (new, anniversary present)
  5. Love Me, Love My Dog
  6. Deruta Biscornu
  7. Lapland Santa
  8. small
  9. Ladybug, Ladybug
  10. Tis the Season
I'm also going to celebrate Craft Month with the helpful input you gave me last year. 

Onward, stitchers!


Robin in Virginia said...

Happy New Year! I think you did a fabulous job with your smalls, your rotation, and getting things finished. I look forward to future posts showcasing your smalls along with your designated rotation pieces (especially Forty-seven Hearts)and of course, celebrating craft month.

jhm said...

You did better than I did in needlework finishes but I did better in books. Goal was 80 but only did 79. Still plugging away on #80 which will become #1 for 2017.


Julie said...

The collages look lovely.
Good luck wth your plans for this year.

Needle Nicely said...

I think you deserve extra credit for finishing both Christmas stockings.

Justine said...

I agree the stockings deserve a special mention! Good luck with your stitching in 2017.

Maggie said...

I miss Picasa, the photo software that came on my new laptop is pants, I have a little rant every time i upload any photos!

You had quite a lot of finishes for the year, love the stockings, i'm going to have to do another one this year.

So I wasn't the only one racing to reach my Goodreads goal :-) I managed it too, by the skin of my teeth on new years eve and it's the first time i've done it.

All the best for 2017!

KimM said...

You did a fabulous job with all your finishes! OH BOY! What will you accomplish in 2017? I can hardly wait to see.

Beth said...

I am still using Picasa on my computer (running VISTA) to make collages. Maybe I am so old with my software that that is why I can still use it.

Melinda Forbes said...

Thank you for the great look at your 2016 finishes and sharing your 2017 plans. I think I do love Winter Row the best. Here's to lots of amazing stitching in the New Year

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

You had a very successful year, especially with the stockings.
I use a couple of different free collage programmes which come with various layouts and effects.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

This is the one I use the most

Christina said...

So many gorgeous finishes! I love the snowman with the cardinal sat on his hat - is that a Lizzie Kate? I read ONE book last year. Yep, ONE. Totally pathetic. And that was one more than the year before. I didn't even enjoy was the much-hyped 'The Girl on the Train'. I used to get through a few a week BC (before children!). That said, I do read around 10 toddler books a day...does that count?!

Midnight Cowgirl said...

Those pieces are beautiful!