Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Crazy January Challenge: Day Four

Love Me, Love My Dog
Sticks by Mill Hill

It would be too cliche for me to complain about sorting out kit fibers. Since Mill Hill provides DMC floss numbers for their kitted floss, I went straight for the numbers in the bobbin box. Not for me trying to discern between light golden brown and dark tan, between medium blue gray and medium gray. The medium orange and light orange were nearly indistinguishable until I laid the strands on the numbered bobbins. And if you had seen the dark orange next to the light golden brown, you would have taken pity on me. But I'm not complaining because it's all sorted now.

Of course, I need your pity because, yes of course, I caught the dreaded lurgi from the dude. I don't have it quite as bad, but being nauseated all day can put a monkey wrench in the plans. We had mercy on poor Stella and the dude took her to daycare while battling waves of nausea (that must have been a long drive!) She zonked out on the couch next to me, while I worked on the dog that I think looks most like her. I think the brown dog looks like my mother's nearly 15 year old lab, Coco, so I plan to make the brown dog's ears longer and more Lab-like. Of course, if you are struggling like Miriam to figure out what the heck these projects are going to look like, that won't mean anything to you. Love Me, Love My Dog will look like this when it is completed.


RuthB said...

For a sick person you stitch fast. Feel better... quickly. Frankly nothing makes me more cranky than sorting kit floss, so you definitely have my sympathies.

Miriam said...

So how do you store all of these bazillion projects in between now and the time they actually get finished?

P.S. My wild guess today suggested this might be an elf in the Alice in Wonderland card knight style. My imagination will not be contained! See? Reality totally unnecessary.

Caroline said...

My guess was a ballerina in blackface.


riona said...

You have hit on the main reason I avoid kits ... in fact, usually when I buy a kit, I end up giving away the fabric and floss and kitting it up from my own stash.

I have noticed that most of the participants in the Crazy Challenge have been photographing their starts with the leaflet in the same frame so people can see where things are heading. I may be doing this myself, the next time I post. But I also rather like your "keep 'em guessing" method.

Alice said...

Thanks for the link, I don't have Miriam's imagination.

My kids love to 'see' pictures in my stitching, so now when I look at one piece I always see a turkey, and another I see Pinocchio's nose.

Love Me, Love My Dog is a cute piece!

Sorry you have been laid low with the scourge; hope it goes away soon.

Jenna said...

Ugh about having caught the dude's illness. Inevitable, unfortunately, unless you have my hubby's immune system. He didn't get my horrendous pre-Christmas cold, thankfully, though I do have to say that a good portion of it was caused (and exacerbated) by middle-of-the-night work stress.

This piece is on perforated paper, right?