Saturday, January 03, 2015

Day Two

As predicted, I was cleaning the house up until the time I had to shower and cook dinner for my friend. (She's been to our house many times, but this time she said, "Your house looks like a magazine shoot." And I thought, "That's because it's clean!" I guess it's always a little cluttered when she comes over.) After she left, I walked the dog, and didn't even get to take out the stitches I did in error (the right side of Santa's sweater). There are five different shades of grey in this design, but for some reason, there were six in the kit! Seriously, people, I don't need any extra confusion when it comes to sorting kit floss!

Mill Hill Greenland Santa

I was so delighted by that article that I found about Christmas and New Year's in Germany and France, that I have yet another excerpt. (It was long, I haven't bumped up against Fair Use laws yet.) I kind of love how this analysis sucks the romance out of gift giving. (Does that make me Scrooge or the Grinch?)

As New Year's day approaches, every article, including bonbons, increases in price, if not in value; but would you suppose it, gentle reader, nearly all of them may, after that day, be had at half price--and some of those that were actually sold for a third of their cost--at some second hand shop, where they have been disposed of for cash. To think that you have made a present to a lady which she has changed for something more agreeable to her taste, or for ready money to be afterwards expended at the ball or the opera! The thought is absolutely shocking, entirely destitute of romance--and yet how perfectly simple and natural, after a man is accustomed to the uses of this world! Mark, I do not say that there is a single lady in Paris that would dispose of all her New Year's presents. I have no doubt, but that she will keep some of them; but what is she to do with the rubbish--the tokens of fealty and not of affection? I have always disliked this ridiculous custom of making indiscriminate presents to ladies. It's like paying attention to the whole sex, which is not flattering to any woman, who prides herself (and what woman does not?) on her particular attractions. Besides, it is a hard thing for a man who has many female acquaintances, to provide presents for them all, and, at the same time, to suit their different tastes, not to speak of the expense which this attempt to make one's self agreeable entails on every male inhabitant of France, who is not absolutely a bore. And what does he get for it? A few hundred kisses--not by one and the same lady, (that would indeed be quite a different thing,) but by as many ladies as he has made presents to, and kisses too, that are not voluntarily bestowed, but merely snatched from them, for the most part in presence of witnesses! Was there ever anything so shallow and insipid?
"Christmas and New Year in France and Germany," Francis J. Grund. Godeys' Magazine and Lady's Book. January 1848; 36 p 8


Ruth said...

I'm right with you on those little kits with 58 colors> I feel like emailing Mill Hill and explaining to them the joys of pre-sorting floss in kits.

Loooove the Godeys'-- what's a man to do? Poor creatures.

Linda said...

Cute start Nikki. I have a bunch of those kits but have never stitched one.


Margaret said...

That is a fun excerpt from Godey's. Fun to read what was read back then.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

Happy New Year- it's looking good!!

Anonymous said...

I love reading this man's words, and I must say he has a point.
good luck sorting out those greys (as if one needed to level up the trickiness of sorting out those thread bundles)..

Loretta said...

I love Santas. Great start!!!!

Loretta said...

I love Santas. Great start!!!!

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

I don't think anyone could ever accuse me of having a show house! Unless it was for the "Before" photo. Our lounge carpet did appear in a programme about "How to decorate around a difficult feature".

I also think the gentleman has a point, who needs kisses from hundreds of ladies? And who needs hundreds of random presents. I'd rather have a book voucher from each LOL

Beth W said...

Busy busy! I'm glad you were able to get to the cleaning and the cooking, and have a good time with your friend.

"Besides, it is a hard thing for a man who has many female acquaintances, to provide presents for them all, and, at the same time, to suit their different tastes"
Ah, how some things never change! I suppose it would have been thought cheap to create a specific wish list, when getting something that proves you know your lady friend well is more romantic. And also, more time consuming. It does also seem to set up a mentality of "the lady with the most friends, wins".

Brigitte said...

Very nice starts for you, and already one finish yeasterday.
I also have one of these Mill Hill kits in my challenge list but haven't unpacked it yet. Now I will have to go and see if the are also seven different shades of one colour in it I hope NOT.