Saturday, August 31, 2013

Month End

Well, that was controversial. I guess Colonial Williamsburg is worshipped by more people than I expected. It certainly brought commenters out of the woodwork. Frankly, Colonial Williamsburg has been called a lot worse in better publications than this! As one of my friends says, "all history is myth." But let's get to the stitching goals...

In the dog days of summer (which turned out to be very lovely and not doggy at all), I set out to work on:
  • Star Light Star Bright--yes, finished! Woohoo!
  • Love Me, Love My Dog--I worked on it (shown). Here's how it looked last time we visited. You may notice I overshot on the lower right hand corner and had to undo. No big.
  • Ornament SAL--yes, Brittercup Pup

Last September, I tried out the Molly Challenge Rotation. It worked pretty well, so I'm back at it:
Sept 1 Love Me, Love My Dog
Sept 4 A Mind Independent & Free
Sept 7 Lady Grey
Sept 10 Elizabethan Rose
Sept 13 Marquoir
Sept 16 Black Snowman
Sept 19 Ornament SAL
Sept 22 16th Century Knot Garden
Sept 25 Leave a Light On
Sept 28 Off the Deep End


Linda said...

Great progress Nikki. I love that design.


Margaret said...

Love the stitching!! As for Williamsburg, I admit I still love it. Even after finding out what you said. I can't help it -- it's nostalgic for me. lol! But I'm glad to have found out the details from you. Thanks for that.

Glenna said...

Love your "Love Me Love my Dog." Another one to stitch for my sister, thank you. The Post did an interesting piece on the Disneyfication of Williamsburg some years ago. Wmsburg, although pretty, bugs me for being corporatized, sanitized and air conditioned. Would we go see it if we had to sweat? It also used to bug me about the number of people who would mention going to the Pottery Factory (now gone) in the same breath. Now it's golf and the outlets. I think it's also interesting that their revenues have slid so much that they've done massive advertising to pump up sales (they might try lowering the price of admission which prevents all but the well-heeled from attending; should only those who can afford it have access to "history?" outside of books?) As you can tell, a debate near and dear to my heart.

Glenna said...

Speaking of which, the reenactors at Plymouth Plantation apparently did not wear deodorant because they were determined to be as authentic as possible. As a kid, I didn't notice, but my dad commented that they were pretty ripe on hot summer days.

Pamela said...

How difficult is it to stick with the 3 day rotation? I always think I want to do a rotation because I have so many unfinished projects, but it never seems to work. Sometimes I can't quit working on something when it's time to change. Other times, I just don't feel like working on the next thing in line.