Tuesday, October 02, 2012

While I'm Otherwise Occupied

Here are a couple of interesting things the interwebs spat up for us:

Sewn Studio created a cross-stitch matryoshka for their wall with some washi tape. Almost makes me wish I had kids and a playroom...almost.

The Bitchy Stitcher--a quilter and no bloggy relation--created a calendar to raise money for her brother's family (he has brain cancer): The Quilter's Shirtless Man and Spicy Burrito Calendar. It is hilarious. And again it shows how most men are much more comfortable in their skin than most women. It's also a real bargain at $19.99. So buy one...or one for each member of your quilting bee. And just in case you aren't sure what this kind of calendar would look like, I've included a tiny little peek:

You're welcome.


Denise said...

It's not that men are more comfortable in their own skin - it's that they don't give a rat's a**. But, they are cute. I'm wondering when did middle aged men become better looking to me than the little hottie twenty-somethings? God I'm getting old!

Deb said...

You find the most interesting things! Especially that calendar - I don't think that a quilt ever looked that good before! :o)

Amy said...

Thought you would enjoy this blog post:

barbara said...

Dang. I may take up quilting.